Helppp πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


I’ve been TTC 15 months (yes I went to a doctor) but I was gonna take this month off since I have a lot of things going on. I was gonna ignore this app for my mental sake.

But, I went on the app because I’ve been having some weeeeirddd symptoms. I realized I had sex 2 times during my fertile window.

Anyways, my symptoms:

-Tender breasts, nipples hurt SOO bad I can barely wear a bra.

- really bad heart burn

- I’ve been feeling super nauseous wanting to puke (I had early morning sickness with my first too, that’s how my husband knew I was pregnant)

- constipation

- I’ve been having cramps in my uterus area often. Sometimes one sided sometimes it feels like all of it.


- exhausted(could be from work though)

I’m 12 DPO but my period isn’t for 5 more days. Test now or wait 5 days? Or just ignore until I get my period or not.