Blood from vagina when having a BM 😣

I'm 4 weeks 3 days, every time I strain to go poop I bleed from the front. Its definitely from the front. I found out I was pregnant 7 days ago.

On the 8th and 10th I was constipated and I strained a little and a pea sized amount came off the paper.

The last few BM's I was fine, no straining.

Today I'm back to straining and a couple of teaspoons of a pinkish red blood, not dark like a period blood.

Then a few more wipes and it's gone. 🤷‍♀️

No cramps or headaches.

My hpt's are all getting darker each day.

I had a child a year and a half ago, vaginal birth. Fyi.

Is my cervix more sensitive?

Is my baby ok?

Anyone else been/going through this? What was your outcome?

Thanks for any replies xx