Getting pregnant is hard

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UPDATE: got word today that the second beta was 960. Maybe there’s hope

On 11.8.19 i had my first frozen Embryo

Transfer after TTC since 01/2018. All last week i was crampy. Friday 11.15.19 i decided to take a few different pregnancy tests and all three of them came out positive, even a digital! Period is due tomorrow and late yesterday i started to spot. Today i have what feels like period cramps, really warm uterus and the spotting is heavier. I decided to take an other pregnancy test and sure enough the line is getting lighter. I dont know why i thought this cycle would be any different from all the other months of trying naturally or IUIs. And of course it’s my husbands birthday today and my tests are fading. I dont understand. We got the embryos tested and the one they transferred was the strongest and had a great grading AA. If the strongest embryo couldn’t pull through it doesn’t make me believe the others would. I have three day 6 embryos left. I was not giving the grading.

This will be the second chemical pregnancy and exactly a year apart. Am I doing something wrong? I’m just wondering when our time we be. Maybe we are just not meant to be parents. To do an other

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cycle or not? Why is it so difficult get pregnant when someone really wants it? I apologize for the venting.

UPDATE: was told beta HCG was 311. Going back Wednesday if a period doesn’t arrive