After my ex and I broke up, I reconnected with all my friends I had either cut or distanced myself from for the sake of the relationship.

Among them was my best friend (female) whom I cut off because of schism between her and me ex which led my ex to believe I was sleeping my best friend due us remaining close.

This cut off was a nightmare for me to maintain and on several occasions I even lied about checking on her to see how her and her family where doing. I shouldn't have lied. But we've never been romantically or sexually involved and she's had a boyfriend just as long as me and my ex had been together

Since my ex and I have broken up, I've spent time with my best friend again and she's even seen my daughter.

My ex recently told me that I am not allowed to bring my friend around our daughter.

How should I respond? I'm not out to hurt my daughters mother, frankly I still love and care about her, but my best friend has always been one of my best moral supports and I want to show our daughter off as well