Emotions running high!


Is anyone else fighting with their husband/SO like crazy since the baby was born? I feel like it was amazing at first because we were so happy, but now all we do is push each other’s buttons. Everything is ok, I think it’s just that I’ve been home on maternity leave with baby and he works from home. So we’ve been together a lot more than usual I guess without much space. He’s helpful with the baby and 99% of the time, things are good and positive, but it’s these little things that are getting totally blown up into ridiculous fights. If I make a comment that slightly rubs him the wrong way, it turns into an argument and it’s my fault for making the comment or if I said it with an attitude. Stupid things like that where all of a sudden it’s happening more. Just posting to make sure I’m not crazy and other people have had more fights due to hormones, stress, lack of sleep, etc 🤯