Recurrent chemical pregnancies


My husband and I have been trying for a few years. After the first year, we went to a RE who diagnosed me PCOS. I had one chemical last year around this same time. We proceeded to have 3 failed IUIs. Then we tried <a href="">IVF</a> with only 2 viable embryos. First one failed, second ended in a chemical. Went back to <a href="">IUI</a> in October which failed. This month we had to cancel our <a href="">IUI</a> as I was going to vegas the day of supposed <a href="">IUI</a>. We triggered Nov. 6 with relations on the 7th. This past weekend we went to Michigan for a wedding. I have been experiencing really sore breasts even though I havent been taking progesterone supplements. Something told me yesterday evening when we got back to test and I got a positive. Yesterday is approximately 9dpo and today 10dpo. I am so so happy but I'm scared I'll have another chemical. The first response digital was negative but I still have a clear positive on the other. I'm praying this one sticks!