Bleeding @ 7w5d

Emily • Baby #1–lost at 21 weeks 2/21/2020

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve have no morning sickness. Last night, I just felt...bad. Burps. Too hot. Too cold—I just couldn’t get comfortable. My mom asked me if I was okay and it prompted me to go to the restroom. I wiped—BLOOD. Wiped again—CLOT. In the midst of wiping and panicking, I told my mom, she looked and took me to the ER. This was my first time seeing more than a little pink spotting. The ER did a pelvic exam (cervix is still closed and no abdominal pain), took blood and urine and sent me home to set an appointment with an OB. They are calling it a threatened miscarriage and put me on bed rest. I scheduled an appointment, but I’m freaking out even more because it isn’t until tomorrow!

I’m in no pain and I’m no longer bleeding, but I’m crazy nervous that I’ve miscarried, having a miscarriage and I won’t be seen until tomorrow afternoon.

What more should I looking for to monitor my body until I can see the doctor or should I be okay since my cervix isn’t open and I’m not hurting or bleeding?

Help me calm my mind, please. This is my first baby and I just want to feel like my peanut is okay.