Pack and play...6-12m???


Is anyone else wondering why all pack and plays seem to miss the mark in this time period?

Ours has a full bassinet and changer which I love. We keep this in our living room full-time. But he’s already passed the 15lb weight limit. The changer supposedly supports 30lbs. I tried moving the mattress down for a little while the other day and my back is still recovering. He’s nowhere near ready to sit/stand on his own yet. Am I really supposed to reach over the rail and lay him down at nearly floor level a hundred times per day?? I’m searching for alternatives before he gets much heavier or starts pulling up on the sides of the pack and play. I kind of want to stack boxes under the mattress to prop it up a foot or 2 and call it a day but def doesn’t meet “safe sleep” guidelines.

What is everyone else doing for the tummy time/supported sitter phase of babes over 15lb?