Going out in public at 3 weeks?


My newborn will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. I love her to death but I also have been struggling adjusting to mom life. I definitely experienced some baby blues after my c-section but have been fearful of it being ppd or becoming that. I struggle with anxiety (and small bouts of depression) even before pregnancy so I worry I’m more susceptible to ppd because of it. I even have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to discuss my concerns. Some of my emotions I think in large deals with cabin fever and not getting a chance to leave my home. My husband watched her for 20 minutes this evening so I could drive to get food and come home and that alone felt so amazing and freeing!

My newborn of course doesn’t have her shots yet and that’s why I’ve avoided leaving my house with her other than for appointments and one visit to grandmas. However, I’m dying to leave my home and do something with her and my family! I feel like my sanity needs it. But I also don’t want to risk her health in any way. This Saturday there is an arts and crafts show in my town that my family goes to every year and they are going to again. I’d really like to go. I just bought a wrap for baby wearing and thought I could maybe wear her at the event so that she is constantly snuggled up against me with her head supported by the wrap and kept away from others? My mom thinks it would be okay and encourages me to get out, and I want to. Im just worried (of course, since anxiety is in my nature). Has anyone else taken a 3 week old out and about in any way similar to this? Opinions?