Best friend in labor


My best friend is in labor and I just cannot wait. I’m trying so hard to give them privacy but like, I want to check on her every few hours! ❤️ her husband said they’re doing good so I’m just gonna wait. And watch my phone. 😅 I went and cleaned her kitchen, let the dog out, tidied the laundry a little bit, put away some things in the pantry. I want her to come home to a clean house. No dirty dishes or stove or mildewed clothes to worry about. I can’t waaaiiitttt!!!!

Update: for anyone wondering, she had the birth she wanted and is doing well! (She was a few weeks early and she was real worried they wouldn’t get the skin or skin or have to have an emergency cs) My toddler is in love with the Baby’s picture!

I’m picking her mom up at the airport tomorrow and taking care of the dog ☺️