I thought it was time😰


I’m currently 35w So everyone asking me am I ready to have my baby, I said yes I’m just ready to see him I’ve did all my research on labor and everything I was ready well I thought,

so I’m laying in bad baby boy kicking moving around and I’m having slight cramping so I got up to use the bathroom took off my underwear cause I had a lot of discharge and walked back in my room with no underwear on and next thing I know I felt wet down there😳😰 my heart literally sunk in my chest an felt down there in fact my vagina was leaking a little but I couldn’t see what color it was cause it was dark, so I’ve ran to turn on the light to only see it was discharge man when i tell u that was a relief I thought I was ready but clearly I wasn’t,and I know now nothing can’t really prepare for birth !😳 but some how I got to get prepared cause he is coming