Could I be Pregnant?

Okay ladies... I’ve been pretty patient but i’m going INSANE.

So June 24th, I gave birth. I got my first postpartum period September 10th, (11 weeks PP) and I started taking the mini pill that same day.

Taking the mini pill and breastfeeding.

October 1st, I had spotting. I was expecting a period to follow, but nothing! No big deal to me since I was taking the pill...

So now it’s November and I haven’t had any sort of bleeding since October 1st. I stopped taking my pill 3 days ago to see if a period would start, and then I would resume again.

I know breastfeeding is NOT suppressing my period because I’ve already had a real period postpartum. 😩

Should I be concerned? Because I am LMAO. I’m having my husband pick up a pregnancy test on his way home from work today...

Any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else?

If i don’t get a period in a couple weeks while being off the pill I’ll definitely be seeing a doctor.


Thank you to everyone who commented!! I’m not exclusively breastfeeding but whenever I’m home I BF so maybe it’s just that!! It’s comforting to hear that I’m not the only one in this boat. Guess I’ll just wait for my body to figure herself out! lol.