A little about my ttc


Hi gals, I’m 5 weeks 6 days with my third pregnancy however the first two ended up in miscarriages. The first one was a missed miscarriage and the second one the fetus never developed. I had D&C for both. To say the least, im scared shitless. Because i had 2 reoccurring miscarriages, I am seeing a fertility doctor for this pregnancy, and she has been great, i’ve bee getting my blood work every other day to make sure its doubling and I’ve been taking vaginal suppositories 3 times a day. My first appointment is on Monday 9/25... ive had minimal symptoms; mild sore breast, mild back pain, mild acid reflux... i just want my appt to happen and the first trimester to be over. I get kinda scare because these symptoms come and go. What are your symptoms