Pregnant 5 weeks 2 days after a tubal reversal.


I had my tubal reversal back in May of this year. Just got my BFP last Thursday. My periods are always extremely irregular and my cycle can be anywhere from 30-33 days. My last period was on October 13. The doctors are counting I am 5 weeks and 2 days preggers on a 28 day cycle. I have some pelvic pain it's not constant, no bledding, no fever, no side pain. My levels went from 1300 on Friday too 2800 on Sunday night. Getting everything rechecked tonight

They did a vaginal ultra sound and couldn't find anything which scared me to death. The doctors said sometimes they dont see anything until 6 weeks. Had anyone else had this happen. This is my husbands first pregnancy and we are so excited. 💜