Am I just being selfish?

I’m really starting to be resentful of my fiancé. 


So him and I have a 9 month old daughter together.  Before I got pregnant, he had a very successful career and I was a server.  I ended up landing an amazing job at a computer software company and when I did that, I got a huge pay raise.  When I started my job, I got pregnant.  Due to me making more money, he changed careers and took a HUGE paycut.  I mean he makes half of what he used to.   I have ALWAYS wanted to be a stay at home mom… but with him switching jobs, that was not a possibility.


I am resentful because he also has a 8 year old son.  When he was with his son’s mom, she was a stay at home mom.  My fiancé says he worked really hard so she could stay home with their little one.  I just don’t know why I’m not deserving of the same thing. It makes me feel really bad… he knows how upset I get dropping her off at daycare or with family everyday on my way to work.  When I try to bring this up to him, he gets really mad and tells me not to try and be like his ex.

Would anyone else be upset if your SO took a significant paycut when you got pregnant because they knew you would pick up the slack?  Has anyone else dealt with jealousy of your spouses previous relationship? Am I being selfish?