Has anyone had a relative they’d prefer their baby not to have a relationship with?

I know it sounds terrible, but I feel like a lot of families may have this issue. I have an aunt, who I’ve never been close with, and since she’s known I’ve been pregnant, she’s tried so hard to talk to me and tried to be a part of my life. Its not just that she’s annoying, but she’s very manipulative, selfish, and known for being a jealous person. She has 3 other sisters (including my mom) and only one actually talks to her if that makes any sense. My family has also given her and her family of 6 money way too many times to count.

Anyways, she wants to come to the shower (which I have no problem with) but she also wants to visit when the baby is born. She lives over 1000 miles away from us and I know she doesn’t have the money to fly to see us. My mom and mother in law will probably be the only people who will be able to come (we live far from all family)

Today though, she sent a text asking how I am. I rarely reply but today I did. Kept it short and sweet. And then she replies asking to see a picture of my stomach?? Like what? My husband is the only person who has seen it and no other friends or family has asked to see it. I am a private person to begin with (we posted the announcement on social media but everything else we keep between us and close friends/family) Honestly, I think it’s weird and uncomfortable that she asked to see my stomach since we’re not even close. I don’t plan on replying.

Sorry for the rant! Feel free to share any experiences now or past about similar family situations lol