Boy or Girl?

Ultrasound experts, I need your help! I know these aren't the greatest photos!

I was told last week that I'm having a boy (first photo) at my ob appointment by the technician there. She said the cord was also running through the legs, & placed a hand on it, if you can tell. She didn't spend much time looking before she was confident in her answer.

Saturday, I went to an ultrasound boutique because I just had a gut feeling that this isn't a boy. The package I got was a gender reveal that was supposed to last about 10-15 minutes, but she ended up looking for about 45 minutes because she too was getting stumped by the cord running through the legs. At first, she has thought she was looking at a boy, but she wasn't confident in that answer & kept looking. By the end, she was super confident in saying that I have a girl, (second photo) with an arrow pointing to the girl bits, because there's nothing there anymore. She actually offered for us to come back in two weeks for another one to check again for free.

I have my next ob appointment the first week of December, which is the anatomy scan, so I plan to ask there again. But I just wanted to see if anyone else was confident in an answer, because I have looked at these photos too much in the past few days. With my son, it was super noticable in definition, but I just don't see that kind of definition in the first photo like I did with him. So I'm stumped.

Thanks for any & all help! 🥰