How do I find out if I’m no longer fertile?


Hello ladies, so I’m new to this group and I have to ask how to go about getting tested for infertility. Here is a back story.

I’m 33 years old and I’ve always had irregular periods since I was 15 years old, I was put on birth control at 15 that helped regulate my periods and never had an issue with missing periods, just had PMs like a mofo. I was on birth control from 15 until 23 and stopped it until I was 30 after I had my daughter. Now at 23 I was having a period every 3 months and I was okay with that, after my daughter I was regular every month, then went onto the mini pill ( doctor placed me on the mini pill because of the clotting factor I have and fear of me producing clots) for a year, when I stopped it I had spotting every month from October 2017 when I stopped it until March of 2018 when I was diagnosed with HPV and had to have surgery to remove the precancerous lesions they found, in September 2018 after I had laser surgery on my cervix to clear up pre cancerous cells, I had a regular period 5 days post surgery, and my last full period was February of this year 5 months after the last one in 2018. Now I’m 8 months into no period, I don’t feel I’m ovulating either and I can’t test because I always get the same results on all ovulation tests with a test line that is either faint or a shade lighter than the control.

I’ve taken numerous tests and all negative every month, no PMs symptoms at all, and I don’t know if I would have to ask my ob what tests can be done, or see my primary care physician to get referred to someone. I was told that I could be tested under hormonal so it won’t fall under infertility since that’s not covered under my husbands medical.

I just don’t know where to even start, and the last time I talked to a doctor I was just told “if you aren’t bleeding you aren’t ovulating.” My husband and I want to have one more baby before we completely stop, but I feel I’ve already hit menopause and no one is very helpful when I talk to friends or family as to where to start to see what’s going on. Any advice is welcome, and please if this is the wrong group to ask, be kind and let me know where I can go to seek the advice I’m looking for. Thank you all in advance.