Please advice..


So I have DACA if you don’t know what that is it’s where im allowed to be here and work in the US legally, but I cannot leave the country. I can still travel in the United States just can’t leave. So my boyfriend has a really rich guy best friend and he’s ALWAYS a traveling. For his friends birthday in February he wants to go to South Africa and invited my bf and I but he knows that I can’t travel outside the US and my boyfriend called me telling me he wants to go. now I’m not upset about his friend wanting to go there it’s his birthday he can do whatever the fuck.. but I just feel so fucking sad that he wants to go without me. Once we get married I get to leave the US and both of our dreams is to travel the would together! We will do it eventually which breaks my heart that he’s deciding to do this. He told me that I shouldn’t limit him.. but if you were in my shoes and your husband/ boyfriend/ spouse wants to travel outside the states which WILL be his first time traveling out the US without you... you’ll be hurt.. please do not be rude in the comments just please advice me.