Is it worth it to go back??

Kenzie • mama of soon to be two! 🥰🖤

So ladies I truly need your advice. My ex fiancé and I where together since we where 16 and 17. We where on and off for a year then became serious and moved in together at 18 and 19. Not to long after we moved in together I was engaged and we where pregnant. While I was pregnant and after I gave birth we where having a lot of issues. Arguing a lot. Lack of trust. Not having time for each other. Not having time for ourselves. We let ourselves go and my ex fiancé was becoming really depressed. About five months ago he told me he cheated and a month later we split up. These last few months I’ve explored my options and started working out and really focusing on what makes me happy. He did as well. This past weekend I went out of town and when I came back he told me he truly missed me and he wanted me back. He cried and said he didn’t want to be a single dad and he loved me and he is trying to get better for us as a family. He kissed me and I realized how much I missed him. Yet at the same time I don’t want to go back to empty promises. How do I know if I go back it won’t just end badly again? No matter who I’ve been with outside of him I always find myself stuck on him. He is my best friend and he is a great dad and there is no one else I’m as comfortable around. I just don’t know what to do? Is it worth it to move on from the past and try again??