I posted a poll last night. I took a Boots own test and both gave very faint positives. A few ladies on here agreed with me.

Hubby & I went out to buy two First Response tests to try (period is due in 5 days). I took another one last night but it came back negative (we assumed it was because I drank 2 pints of water to make myself pee!). This morning I took the second test and it was negative.

I’m guessing the Boots own tests gave me false positives 😭 The lines couldn’t be evap lines because they came up within the five minute waiting time. Im so disappointed. I can tell my hubby is disappointed too but he won’t say anything. He was so excited last night, he started thinking about girls name. 💔

I’ve not got tummy cramps, a back ache and high body temperature so I guess I’ll see AF in 5 days 😔😔

Sorry, just needed a rant.