Could I be on my period?


So I’m 5 weeks postpartum and I’m still bleeding but

So for a minute it got dark than lighter my ob said was normal but now it’s dark DARK red and has been for a few days now and it’s heavier ( not bleeding through a pad ) but heavy and not showing sogns of lightning up tbh, and I just feel sore my whole body I had a c section so by my incision and my legs my back my hips everything feels SOOOO sore :( and I’m use to being sore / pain but It feels like I’ve been working out and all i did today so far was clean my room thats it. I know there’s no actual way of telling I don’t think but it’s just dark red and heavier and hasn’t slow down like I haven’t stopped bleeding for a day or anything like when I first started bleeding after birth it would get dark than it got light stopped and was just light blood to clear and so on but now it’s been like 3 days of non stop red bleeding , :3