Biggest wtf moment of my pregnancy


So apparently, my due date has been wrong this entire time. No one mentioned it until yesterday at one of my last OB appointments. I switched providers in the first trimester because the first doctor seemed pretty incompetent.

I thought my due date was 12/3 this whole time. That’s what I was told the entire time. Sure it was based off my last period but no one said any differently. Not even my new doctors.

But at this last appointment, my due date is actually 12/11. To say the least I was shocked and incredibly disheartened. Here I was thinking I’m almost there and to have my body not starting to progress naturally I was getting frustrated. Then to only find out I still actually have more than a week left? That I’m actually only 37 and 6? What the actual fuck???? How did they JUST now catch it?

Thankfully, my doctor is inducing me because he’s pretty sure I don’t have room left in my uterus for baby to grow. So I’m praying it goes well, it starts on the 1st. And he’s sticking with 12/3 like it has been. But I’m still in shock and frustrated. Has this happened to anyone else?