TTC-LH levels

Lauren 💙💛💛

We have a 2 year old that we concieved pretty quickly after starting to use LH strips (first month with using it, it was the 4th month of TTC)

I was pregnant in September but we had a miscarriage in mid-october- no heart beat, fetus didn't form, but fetal pole and yolk did.

I ended up having to have an E&C after going through a round of miso and getting the majority out, but still had a fair bit cleared out on November 15th.

I started what I thought was my period, on november 21st, after my E&C I had some bright red blood for 1.5 days. Then on Nov 21st, I had cramping, bloating, moderate bleeding that has now tapered off to just spotting as of today.

Out of curiosity today I tested my LH because I've been pretty horny and it was at a moderate level of darkness (sorry tried to attach the photo and Google is being dumb)

So confused. Please advise haha.