Sleeping while feeding🤦‍♀️

Everything I've read up on sleep training says to not let baby sleep in between naps. While feeding etc. But I literally cannot keep my baby (1 month) awake while BF! He'll keep eating till he's full if I keep bothering him, but won't fully wake.

I tickle his belly & feet, blow on his head, put something cold against his face & anything else I can think of that won't hurt him but possibly wake him!! He wiggles a bit but never wakes. Even when I sit him up to burp he keeps sleeping!

And I do have him fully awake before I start feeding him during the day. If I try laying him down - he's WIDE awake!🤦‍♀️🤨

One thing that probably doesn't help is I have to lay down on the recliner or bed to feed him as my milk flow is too fast so I can't sit up. But he did it before that too so it's not the reason.

Any ideas on how to keep him awake? Or is it not so terrible that he gets a catnap while eating?