Gripe water?

Korey • First time 🤰🏼baby girl 🎀 Hanna 11/10/19 💍 5/11/18

Anyone use gripe water with success? My 17 day old is super fussy after eating. Uncontrollable crying. She is formula fed. She started on enfamil NeuroPro and did Ok, we ran out and the pediatrician gave us enfamil gentlease samples. She was fussy and spitting up constantly on that. So we went back to the NeuroPro. She had been doing well on that but recently is getting super fussy after most feedings and it tends to be worse at night. It seems like she’s having tummy pain. She’s pooping once a day or every other day and plenty of wet diapers. We are looking at maybe getting gripe water, we don’t want to switch formulas again. Has anyone used this and had any luck? I don’t know anyone who has used it, but I’ve always heard of it. Thanks!