The Waterpark- Part 3 ( Carter’s POV)

She kisses me once more and then slides off my lap. While she’s packing up, I’m busy trying to disguise my boner. She looks up at me and I blush. She crawls over to me and sets her hand on top of my erection.

“ Don’t hide it.” She whispers in my ear. “ I like seeing the effect I have on you.” She bites my earlobe and then returns to her previous task. God, she’s perfect. As we’re getting off the bus, my ex stops us.

“ What the hell was that!?” She screeches. I open my mouth to respond but Shay beats me to it.

“ Carter and I making out. Semi-clothed.” She states nonchalantly. Steph rolls her eyes.

“ Awww Stephanie it’s okay, you know?” Shay says with pity.

“ What the hell are you talking about?” Steph spits.

“ It’s okay that I gave Carter more pleasure in those 30 minutes than you did in two years.” Shay smirks. Steph’s jaw drops in horror.

“ Oh!” She helps and walks off. When I turn to look at Shay she’s turned away from me, most likely afraid I’ll be mad at her.

“ Damn Shay, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“ Really?” She turns back towards me. Her brows are glistening with sweat and the flyaways from her messy bun cling to her face. She’s fucking stunning.

“ Yeah and by the way, my boner and I can totally back you up on that.” I wink. She gasps in mock horror and then giggles. She slaps my arm and I grab her hand before it drops. I intertwine my fingers with hers and we walk into the waterpark. Mrs. Jones tells us that the waterpark is closed to all but us so we can go anywhere but there’s no life guard so we have to be careful. I want to make sure Shay can swim before I leave her alone but I don’t want to crowd her so instead I press my lips to hers and walk off towards the football team. I sit on the bench beside Jaime and bro-hug him.

“ Damn Car. That girl is fine.” Cody says. “ You gonna hit it later today?” It irks me the way they talk about Shay as if she’s an object.

“ Stop you guys. I really like her and I want to take it slow.” I respond.

“ Right because slow is exactly the pace you were going ten minutes ago.” Jack points out.

“ Whatever.” I roll my eyes. “ Jaime you’ve been uncharacteristically quiet this whole time.” I point out. “ What’s going on?” Jaime snaps his head up to look at us.

“ Huh? Oh, nothing. Just...thinking.” He says and looks down.

“ Okay? Well, I’m gonna go back to her, you guys so, have fun.” I say and stand up. We do our handshake and I walk off.

“ Go get her tiger!” Cody yells after me. I flip them my middle finger and walk off. When I turn all of them are whooping or acting like idiots except for Jaime.

Her back is facing me when I slip into the pool behind her. I snake my arms around her waist and kiss her neck.

“ Hi loner.” I whisper, still kissing her neck.

“ Hi.” She whispers. I kiss down her neck to her shoulder and lightly lick my way up. She shivers under my tongue. I run my hands along her waist and up her backside. I trace her neck with my pointer finger and kiss the spot just under her ear that I’ve learned drives her completely mad. She shivers and sighs as she clutches the border to support her wobbly legs. Goosebumps raise when I stop touching her neck. I love the way her body responds to me.

“ Do you want me to stop?” I whisper into her ear as I trace her cleavage.

“ No,” she responds. “ but I need to talk to you.” I cease all contact and she turns around to face me. I see confusion in her eyes and am immediately put off.

“ You okay?” I ask her, concern lacing my voice.

“ Mm-hmm.” She nods. “ More than okay.”

“ Then why do have that look on your face?” I point out.

“ What look?” She questions.

“ The look you give someone when you want to tell them something but are afraid of how they’re gonna react.” Her eyes widen and glaze over.

“ You notice that?” She asks.

“ Of course I notice that.” I notice everything about you, I want to say but decide against as she continues to talk.

“ I just talked to Jess. She told me that you talk about me a lot and to be good to you.” She says shyly, playing with the chain on my neck.

“ She’s right.” I state. “ You don’t how long I’ve wanted you. How long I’ve craved your touch or you in my arms at night.” I say scared that I’ve come off a little too strong.

“ Why, though? Like, why me? You could have your pick of girls at school. Yet you choose the one that has never gone to any games, doesn’t particularly enjoy the sport and who doesn’t talk to anyone?” She questions, giving me a look.

“ All of those reasons you just listed, are why I like you. You couldn’t care less about my title or my wins. That stuff doesn’t matter to you, what matters to you is who I am. My character. That excites me. You, excite me.” I say tilting her chin to look at me. She rests her forehead against mine. She looks up at me and her eyes burn with need. As I crash my lips onto hers, I silently promise my heart to her and pray that she doesn’t break it.

As I’m sure you guys can tell, Carter’s POV differs from the original story so some things are going to be changed but everything that was in the original story will be in the sequel. Thanks for reading another chapter! ❤️