Naps in crib

Oh my, I’ve been trying for almost 3 months to get my 6 month old daughter to nap in her crib and self sooth herself to sleep. It also ends up in her hyperventilating and crying so hard she works up a sweat, and I feel like the worst mom ever. Her room is pretty dark and has a noise machine. She will rub her eyes and I will put her in her crib and she usually will roll around try to crawl/sit up for 15 minutes and then the tears start. I will rub her tummy after a couple minutes tell her it’s okay and try to sooth her but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. I even try to give her her soother. She’s been napping in her swing and as soon as I put her in there max 2 minutes and she’s passed out for at least 1 hour sometimes for 2 1/2 hours. As other moms know nap time is the only time I have to get stuff done/time for myself. My daughter is also teething so naps are really needed right now to help keep her less fussy. I won’t give up and will keep trying but honnestly feel like she will never progress and nap in her crib. Any advice is totally appreciated and needed haha