Tips for TTC😊

Hello, I’m a fully qualified aromatherapy masseuse and just wanted to give you ladies some information I found out during my training.

My last period was the 5th of August 19 and I didn’t take my period again until the 11th of November. During my training which was on the 25/10, I was explaining to the lady that was teaching us about my periods suddenly stopping and she advised me to use one of the oils called Clary Sage and apply it around my pelvic area. I was sceptical because I thought “how on Earth is an oil going to make me ovulate and take a period?” I took her advise and later on that evening I was sitting watching TV and felt a strong shooting pain in my pelvic area.. I then continued to get cramp over the next 4 days and I thought “is this oil really working?”. I decided to take an ovulation test on the 29th of October and I got a strong positive! I had eventually ovulated after almost 3 months. I’m now due to ovulate and I applied the oil again on Monday and i’ve got the same cramps. This may just be a coincidence but it’s definitely worth a try for you ladies that don’t ovulate regularly😌 X