Feeling resentful

Please comment. I’m ill right now and not like my productive self. My fiancé and I both work and even though I’m shock I still have to drive him to work and pick him up at night. During the day, b4 I bring him to work, he is busy doing things that he likes. Understandable, it’s his free time. And when he gets to do work he has time for what he wants but no time for me. He is supposed to get off at a certain time but then I have to wait outside for him for about 30 extra minutes. Then I have to take him to his sisters house every night b4 midnight because they share a computer. But for the past two days, now three I’ve been incredibly ill and he doesn’t even know how to care for me. He won’t even talk to me unless it’s about his hobby. He’s so nested in making money with his hobby (has not made any money yet) that he forgets about the living, breathing, human right in front of him. He has offered to make me tea only when a YouTube video he was watching showed a teacup! And I honestly don’t even want the tea, it’s not helping. Secondly he boils the water and puts it in the cup. 20 min later I get up and fix my own tea because once again he’s just on the computer in his own little world. When he has been sick I always took care of him even when I wasn’t feeling well myself. 😒