I’m a dealer...

I’m officially a dealer... of cheap car seats 😂 I love couponing and I am very good at it. Which a lot of people know because I always get that “you guys must have a bunch of money” remark. When in reality, yes we are well off but no, we don’t have money to waste every week. But I coupon so well that I hardly ever put a dent in our budget.

With my first son I bought a Graco 4ever car seat with surround safety for $50. Those are originally like $330..

Well when I was 5 months pregnant with my second I got a really good deal and bought a pack n play and Graco convertible car seat for $70 for both. Originally supposed to be about $450 for both.

My brother in law asked if I could help him find a good deal for his oldest son to move into because he was about to have his second. I got him a Graco Nautilus car seat for $70, originally $150. I was kinda upset cause I knew I could get it for cheaper but it was so last minute.

Then my sister was telling me she needed a new car seat for her youngest. One that was front facing.. so I got her the Graco Nautilus with Surround safety for $70, that one is originally $180.

I also got a baby walker for $8, originally $60.

Now, someone just messaged me asking if I can find any good deals because they just found out they’re 3 months pregnant with TWINS. I told them of course I would! And luckily I have time to sit down and search the best deals for them. They asked me if I could find the cheapest deals on pretty much anything baby, I’m excited to find deals for them. I’m super busy with my toddler and newborn but luckily she told me in advance so I can check out deals.

It feels so funny buying people’s car seats and them paying me for them 😂 I feel like a drug dealer of car seats. My husband always jokes that Graco is gonna find out and sue me (Graco is usually the easiest to find GREAT deals for, and they have great ratings). & yes I do make sure that the person is okay with the brand and everything before just buying their baby stuff.