Family Annoyance... what to do?

Taylor • First Time Momma 🌈 Due July 18, 2020

I have a few months to deal with this but it’s already bugging me. I am due on my sisters wedding day. Which is fine, we’ve talked and have that sorted out and I’m very hopeful I can make the ceremony for a few hours if I have the baby early or go fully even if I waddle on in!

But my parents just informed me that both sets of grandparents will be visiting for 2 months around the wedding.... I’m already a very socially anxious person and the idea of them swarming me is already incredibly scary.

They mean so wel and I love them but I know they won’t listen to me. I know they will kiss and coddle the baby constantly and belittle me when I ask them to stop. I know this because they did it to my twin sisters baby when they met him at 6 months old. She hated it. She’s much softer and less anxious then me so she let it slide but I got 3 phone calls of her crying because they made her feel like a terrible mom. Over things like not giving the baby a night light; or not rocking him to sleep every night.

I am not going to tolerate them being at my house wanting my child potentially days or weeks after he or she is born... I’ve raised the concern to my parents and they say I’m just over reacting in my head.

I don’t want to be passing my baby to every single family member that is here for the wedding, I don’t want her or him getting sick, being kissed, etc. I don’t wanna seem like the crazy ass first time mom. But I want my choices respected.

My fiancé feels the same way as me and he has my back in this. I just don’t want to hurt my family because I know it’s out of love. But how they raised babies 45+ years ago is not how I wanna raise mine next year... any advice is appreciated. ❤️ blessed pregnancies and babies for us All!!