am I pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had sex on the 2nd and 16th.

I wasn’t birth control on the 2nd but I was on the 16th. I was not ovulating either of the times we had sex.

I take levothyroxine, a medicine for hypothyroidism, I was born without a thyroid. My doctor just upped my dose. So now instead of taking 125 I am taking 150.

I am on the pill version of birth control and my periods are inconsistent, they usually only last five days.

I was supposed to start my period on the 25, it’s now the 27th. I have symptoms like tender breast, cramps in my stomach, fatigue.

Usually pregnancy signs don’t start until the 5th week. Considering this is the week I am supposed to get my period these symptoms match up with period symptoms.

I’ve also been really stressed about life. Multiple panic attacks and things common to that. College has me really stressed.

But I am really really scared that I might be pregnant. Can someone help me?