Escort 24


After my night with Manny and Jay, they took me out for a few drinks, they told me about what they do in the place and they did tend to be two of four men that worked for Nicole. They were both gentlemen, bought me a few drinks in a nearby bar and Nicole had arranged the driver to take us all home after we settled in.

I did feel more at ease, I felt strange being turned on by being watched by so many spectators and I knew I wanted more and more.

I had a night at home due to child care issues and then I was back to working having organised my babysitter for the night, I was meeting Rafy, he had to go visit his family abroad and had organised to come back a night earlier for me.

I Made my way to his apartment and dressed my self in red french knickers and a matching front fastening lace bra. I looked myself up and down in the mirror and packed away my normal clothes in a drawer her had given me. I took out one of his shirts from the wardrobe and let my hair down, I walked into the kitchen and he had asked me to make him my own take on Carbonara, I had bought everything needed and began making the meal, I played the radio and cooked.

I danced in the kitchen and I pretended I didn’t hear the door open. I felt hands wrap around my waist and he brushed my hair out of my face and whispered, “I have missed you so much.”

I smile and keep stirring and his hands move up my body, I turn my head and he begins to nuzzle at my neck, as he does that his hands begin to rub my body through his shirt. “No babe, have your dinner first,” i say brushing his hand away.

I know he is stunned and i smile, I rub my arse against him and then turn around letting him taste the sauce, he accepts the taste with a smile and pushes me against the eork top with the force of his kiss. I kiss him back and he moved me away from the hot stove.

He lifted me and sat me on the work top and the shirt eased up and his hands touched my thighs, I kissed him back and opened my legs allowing him to stand between them. He stopped and looked at me, “I have missed you.”

I Smiled at him and smiled, “Dinner will burn.”

he groaned and helped me down, I moved quickly to the sauce and stirred it and began to separate our meals, he was sat on the couch and I smiled carrying it over and sat next to him, we talked about his work, family and he asked me about me and my daughter. We talked through a movie and I had agreed to travel to stay in his villa with my daughter for a week and he said he will visit once but it meant I would have a holiday.

I cleaned our plates and I lay my head on his lap, we talked for a while and he stroked my hips as he told me about his wife. I sat up and looked at him, offering some conclusion, help towards a solution I told him what to get her for their anniversary, I knew what I was to Rafy, I wasn’t stupid.

I leant forward and he kissed me gently, he began to gently undo his shirt and I undone his shirt, he smiled as we kissed and i moved closer to him and he kissed me aggressively, I was pushed back onto the couch. The shirt opened up and he grinned seeing the red as the shirt opened up. He climbed over me and kissed down my body, I unhooked my bra at the front and he buried his head into my chest and licked my nipples I moaned and he smiled.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” I asked smiling.

He stood up and I stood up with him, I followed him and I climbed onto the bed. He pulled down my french knickers and climbed on top and slipped a finger onto my clit. I opened my legs slightly allowing him to play and feel me again.

He kissed me hard and I pushed against him and lay him on his back, i pulled at his trousers, letting him free and looked up at him as I took him into my mouth. I began sucking at his hard cock and he moaned loudly as I took him deeper into my mouth and held his balls. I massaged him as I took him in and he closed his eyes allowing me to do what i could to tease and make him need release.

I leaned my body up and straddled him, I eased him inside me and he watched himself impale me. I grinned as I adjusted to his cock and bounced slowly on him. He lay back and his groans were long and happy, he held my hips and with his guidance I rode him quicker. I liked having him enjoy himself with my body. I leant back and i rode him harder slamming myself on him, clenching my muscles and he enjoyed that begging me to slow down. I leant down and kissed him, i pushed my weight on to the head board and he leant up wrapping his lips around my nipples. I rode him quicker and I moaned as he licked at me.

He eased me close and he began gyrating his hips into me, i rode him hard and he kissed me hard and held me close. I rode him and he held me down, he eased me off him and I watched for what he wanted as he stood up. He pulled me up by my hips, he bent me over and he leant me down and slid inside me. He held my hips and moved in and out of my pussy.

I was wet, I knew it would be, my pussy making noises against my pussy. He pulled me back by my hair and fucked me harder, i lifted my leg allowing him deeper inside me and he began to speed up his pace. I knew he was about to come and that is when I felt him start to, he gripped one of his hands into my hips, nails bedding into me and he screamed painfully. He panted as he emptied, I held onto the bed.

I looked back, his face red and he was grinning.

“I have missed you,” he smiled.

I told him I had missed him as well. I cleaned myself up and showered together. He tucked me into bed holding me all night.

The next morning he woke me with a cup of tea and a croissant, I had brought with me. I ate it and he had gone to work. I tidied the apartment and made the bed, leaving no trace of me. I left our clothes for the dry cleaner and I knew they would be safely back at his place when I next visited.

I went home to my daughter. Of course I got another bonus from Rafy.