Could I be pregnant

So here is the scenario. I last had sex on the 9th and 16th of November. I take the pill and I am never more then a few minutes late taking it. Also, my boyfriend wears a condom and he pulls out. I’ve been freaking out for the last week because last week my nipples got really sore and they never do that. My period is supposed to start next Monday but I’ve been taking pregnancy tests. All which have come back negative except this morning I though I saw a super faint line. I got so scared I threw it away. My boyfriend swears that there was no way i could have gotten pregnant because the condom never broke. This is weird but when he pulls out you can obviously see the semen in the end of the condom and I have never noticed any leak out but I’m scared that there could have been a whole so small that precum could have came out while we were in the act but not any semen at the end. I’m 23 and I can support myself but I would be such a disappointment to myself and my family because we aren’t married. I can’t explain the sore nipples and they are basically not sore anymore and I have no idea about that test this morning. I need advice please