Birth plan help

Has anyone made their birth plan and or have an example of a birth plan? I’m clueless on what should be included.

Here’s what I know:

Avoid being induced if medically possible.

Access to move freely while laboring.

Natural breaking of water if medically possible.

My mom and partner in room during birth.

Natural birth with no pain medication except access to gas if needed.

Avoid cutting if medically possible.

Monitoring of baby and cervical checks as needed.

If for any reason a c section is needed I want my partner with me.

Delay cord clamping for at least 2 mins.

My partner is to cut the cord.

If for any reason baby needs to be out of the room, I want my partner to be there. Baby is to be in my room at all times otherwise.

I’ll be pumping so I don’t know if they will want me to try to breastfeed before actually pumping or what.

And I don’t know what to include for baby after care. I know there are vaccines and ointments but I don’t know what they are or if they benefit baby in anyway.