Changing Doctors??


Okay my friends I need some advice and this may be a bit of a long post so bear with me.

I have gone to the same family doctor since I was 15 - all of my physicals and well checks, my ob care was with this same doctor and I love being established and having people familiar with me and my health and body. Fast forward to earlier this year when I find out I’m pregnant - surprise she is no longer doing ob care so I have to find a new doctor. She refers me to an office and I tried them out. Loved the experience. I was super happy with the doctors and the care I got all through my pregnancy.... until my delivery. That is a story for another day but I delivered a week late and after being induced I labored for 50 hours!!! 50 hours. (I begged for a csection at 24 hours and they kept insisting I wait a little longer, a little longer)

So I go back for my csection, everything goes well. My baby thank the Lord is very healthy (except for a heart murmur that we’ve seen a specialist for) . I’m happy, he’s happy all is well. Until I started having complications with my incision not healing. I saw the doctor twice for it and he insisted it was doing great. My aunt is a nurse and I had her look at it and she was horrified.

This same doctor has been caring for my little guy since birth - he is great in the office. Very friendly and kind, but after my birth experience which traumatized me I am questioning my ability to go back to him for ob care myself. I could just go back to my regular doctor for birth control at my 6 week mark but then I need to find a new ob for my next pregnancy. And if I switch doctors I hesitate to keep going to him for my son.

Is now an okay time for us to switch? My babies next appointment would be his 2 month check and I need to go in in 2 weeks for my 6 week check. I know I’m going to have some ptsd having an iud inserted so I’m nervous about that, but I’m also nervous about switching doctors and having them not know all the details for both of us. What would you do? Switch? Stay?? I’m so torn!!