6DPO with watery CM, acne, shooting boob pain...

Amy • Biz owner & teen mom of a 15 year old daughter.🤰🏻with #2, due Oct 9

So I’m 6DPO, usually between ovulation and AF my CM dries up and gets crumbly and almost nonexistent. It has been thin and watery since ovulation (I never get EWCM but it gets super thin and slippery) and it gets heavier each day. My nipples felt “tingly” at 4DPO and feel still feel slightly sensitive but nothing drastic, though I keep getting “zaps” of sensation under the areolas on both sides, mainly right side.

I’ve also been pretty gassy since 2DPO and I now have acne along my hairline which I NEVER get as part of my luteal cycle. My charts:

Anyone have these signs and get a BFP?