Am I Wrong for being upset?

So I work at a nursing home and I work on thanksgiving until 2:00pm. My mom said she wanted me to come over but she won’t come and get me. (I don’t have a car, I use uber to get to work) She said that dinner was at 2 and she doesn’t want my grandma to have to charge the plan. So I’m not going. My grandma told me that dinner wasn’t until later and she didn’t mind changing the time. Is it wrong that I’m hurt my mom got mad that I’m not going but she won’t get me. I live like 30 minutes away and I can’t afford to spend $100 to uber there. I’d also like to add that I do visit her when I can and she’s never visited me in the 2 years since I moved out. She literally was in my city the other night but didn’t tell me because she was having dinner and drinks with her friends.