Feel like I cant escape

Literally I feel like giving up. I can do this anymore. I'm literally listening to my toddler scream let it go again. Shes been yelling in my face, hitting me and kicking and just not listening to a work I say. I've tried to chalk it up to her being in the hospital and then having to have bandages changed every night. And she was in pain. And now she has a cough and cold and hasn't slept in about 3 weeks. Not for more than an hour or 2 at night. Shes cooped in the house with me and her dad because we have no car and little money. My relationship sucks and is failing. I feel like I could literally run away from my child and never look back and leave all of this behind. I feel like I'm about to snap and fall apart. This baby inside has been kicking all day every day and it hurts. I just need an end to it