A years worth of progress and all I have to show for it is tiny boobs 😂

Phillips • . Married 11.22.14 Baby Boy born July 20th 2016 Baby Girl Born August 24th 2018 😊❤️

Almost one year later and I’m pretty sure I lost all of my weight in my boobs 😂

Left: 145lbs

Right: 118lbs

You guys are all so sweet thank you! A lot of people are asking me how I lost weight so I figured I’d brief my year between these two pictures.

I was around 5 months post partum in the first picture, I started with just cardio in the beginning try to burn off the calories I was taking in, which was an awful idea because I ended up being exhausted all of the time. Around March I switched and started using the sweat app, I did the post partum workouts and then moved up to the regular program. I had lost weight but I wasn’t anywhere close to where I wanted to be, this was after finishing 15 weeks of the program

After that I had back to back weddings and bachelorette parties during the month of June and thanks to a weeks worth of sea sickness and the loss of my grandfather I started to get depressed and slacked off. By August I knew I needed to start again but I didn’t have the energy and was still coming out of my depressed state so I looked into other things and found intermittent fasting. It’s definitely not for everyone but for me it worked, I did the 16/8, so you only eat during your 8 hour window. It made me more mindful of when I ate, how often, and when I was snacking out of boredom instead of hunger. It also cut down on my sugar cravings. I gave myself grace on special occasions or the dreaded time of the month, or if I just really was hungry. I started that in September and lost a good 10lbs that month, fast forward to now and I’ve I’m still fasting and I love it. I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds fasting, but I’ve noticed it help me lose the fat in spots I wouldn’t normally notice or know how to lose weight there. The picture at the top on the right is after my 3 months of fasting. Now that I’m adjusted to it, and my body has a good rhythm I think I’m going to start some light circuit exercises again. One thing I’ve learned from this journey, is that whole abs are 80% what you eat and 20% gym is pretty true. Also make sure to find something that works well for your body and your routine, it’s only going to work if you like it! I wish you ladies all of the luck and I hope this helps you on you own weight loss journey!