Just need to vent

I don’t really want to vent to my family about this because I don’t want them to think poorly of my husband so I’ll just let it all out on here. Before our baby was born we were gifted $2500 from a family friend, it was meant for the baby and what we would like to use it for regarding her. The money was email transfer from our friend into my husbands bank account. Our daughter is 4 months old now and I asked my husband what we should do with that money. He played dumb and said what money? So I reminded him about the $2500 and he goes “ohhh that money, it was only like 300-500 not 2500” and I was like no it was $2500 I was there when she gave it to you, do you not have it anymore or something ? And he goes “I dunno, I had to use some to pay my credit cards” and then he changed the topic. I’ve had an issue with him lying lately and it’s really starting to make me feel like shit. That money was a gift to his daughter it wasn’t given to him to pay his credit card off. I’m just so confused as to why he keeps lying to me these days, it seems very immature. Especially since when our 7 year old son lies he gets livid with him and takes his electronics away for a week, you’d think he’d know better not to lie himself so he’s setting a good example for our kids.