37+3 drs and bullshit


Sorry for the cursing. But here's my venting! I have pregnancy gingivitis. It's gotten nothing but worse. The dentist wont do anything to help because I am pregnant. My gums bleed like I just ripped out my tooth. One side I cant even eat on because I get sharp shooting pains in my teeth my jaw and cheek. The back pain is almost unbearable. It can be crimpeling at times. My cervix was checked today. Along with my weight. She said babys head is adding a lot of pressure to my cervix. And that she had to reach behind his head. But I'm not dialated. I dont know if I'm effaced or not. And she didnt even check the baby. No heartbeat no belly measurement. NOTHING. We leave the drs. She tells me they will call with an induction date. I'm due Dec 16th. My induction is the 18th because "shes booked" ok so yeah I'm gonna sit here in constant ass pain to were I cant enjoy this pregnancy anymore hardly can eat because 1 out of 8 doctors are booked!