Need advice!!

Me and my bf had sex in the middle of October sometime. I got my period the week before we had sex. This was my 1st time so I bled a LOT.. almost 3 days of spotting afterwards to be exact. We did use a condom and he used it correctly. We only had sex for about 2 minutes since it hurt so bad being my 1st time. He said he did not even cum in the condom or see any once we were done and he took it off. I heard sex can delay your period. I took a clear blue digital pregnancy test and it was negative. My period is a week late. Should I be concerned or just wait it out? I have never been so stressed in my life and I know stress delays your period also. In the mix of all of this I broke my arm... and couldn’t exercise from September 14 until just now. I know exercise also delays your period and I am a athlete year round. I have been having crams and headaches on and off for about a week. Please give me advice!!!