This might sound dumb to some but I'm just wondering is it possible to have more than one false positive one after the other on different days ? And when some see the test they say it's just a evap line but how if that was the case wouldn't it just be on one test before I had my 2 year old all the tests I took were a complete negative and never have gotten a false positive so I'm just wondering I've taken 6 tests and they all have a very very thin faint positive and the ones I took these past few days the line is just a bit darker and thicker but not hard core dark and thick

I'm really confused and I have to wait till next week for bloodwork to confirm if I am indeed pregnant or not since I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost that baby September 11th 2019 I'm very nervous and very much in denial and would just like others opinions because I have no idea what to think right now I feel so overwhelmed