Herpes and baby

My bf n I have been together for two years, we have a son.

He has had multiple partners before us. He’s a very hard worker and comes straight to us after work.

Obviously there could be a chance he cheated. But..

we have regular sex. I have never had bumps that burns and itches around my anal area.

All of a sudden I got a raging bumps and it burns and I can’t use the bathroom without it burning.

That was our first time doing anal (together).

I don’t have bumps around my vagina.

Only on my anus area.

I went to get tested for Genital herpes

But I won’t know for two weeks and I’m what to know.

My son never had any show up and I’ve kissed him and he’s 8 months.

I’m scared that I have it? But I’m not sure how since we’ve gotten tested..

Possibility that it could be razor bumps or a rash?