Trouble conceiving after csection

Trying to conceive my second and it seems to be taking longer than the first time and I’m starting to get worried. First time took two cycles (1 month) and I got pregnant. I ended up having a to have a c-section due to my baby’s heart rate falling often during labor. I went on an IUD as soon as I could after his birth.

That was 2 years ago. I had it removed at the end of this August, and have had 4 periods. I did not get my period on the IUD but would experience pain on one side of my pelvic area where I believe to be near where my ovary would be. Now that I get my period again I get the same pain but worse when I’m cramping but only in the spot. I had an ultrasound done bc I complained about this pain to my doctor. He said it was “basically normal” and nothing concerning. It was a conversation over the phone on his day off so I wasn’t really able to fully discuss what that means.

Three months later, it’s November and I’m still not able to get pregnant. I can’t help but think what if my c-section is causing me difficulties TTC? Or maybe the one-sided pain I get ever so often is linked to my c-section? My doctor and I both think it may be related to how my scar healed. But could that have a connection to me not being able to conceive now?

I do plan on making another appointment with my doctor to discuss these concerns, but I was curious if anyone else on here has gone through a similar experience? Have you had trouble conceiving after a c-section? Have you experienced one sided pelvic pain after your c-section?