PLEASE tell me what this is ????

I’ve been getting negative pregnancy results and I’m 11 dpo. But I’ve recently went to the doctor because my discharge seemed unusual to me . It’s was a watery milky white discharge that didn’t hold a shape. The doctor I went to had me describe my symptoms which were the unusual discharge and the itching that I only felt when I checked my cm. So he said he would give me an antibiotic that killed bv, Chlamydia and gonnerhirea and some other things without even examining me which didn’t seem very professional . So he gave me a shot in my but and some pills to take . 2 days later I started getting a different discharge and it’s kinda worrying me . My period is supposed to come tomorrow . Could this be from my period coming or is this something else it looks kinda green and brown or maybe yellowish idk😭😬😬. Please help . Btw the color only shows up good on this glove . And the discharge had a smell to it but not a fishy smell . Normal discharge isn’t supposed to have a smell right ??