Am I upset over nothing?

So my bf and I were talking about how creepy it was that there's so much of your info on the internet. I said "you could find my name, age, phone numbers, address, salary everything" he didnt believe me and to prove him wrong I googled him and showed him his age, salary, address, phone number ect. Anyyyways I saw one of his old addresses and it was the house he lived with when he was with his ex. I got curious to see what their house looked like and looked it up. I know creepy.. it was actually a townhouse and it reminded me of some apartments (or so I thought) that he took me to when we dropped off his dog (which he got with his ex) at the "dog sitters". I cant remember exactly if it was the place but we had problems with him still talking to this ex and I made him cut it off, he didnt and that caused problems but that was about a year ago but now I'm starting to wonder if that was actually his exes home he took me too. I'm almost certain it was. It would've been after I told him to cut her out. Should I say something or is it just too creepy that I actually looked their place up that I should keep silent?