Ugh my MIL


So backstory: my MIL is a nanny part time, when I was pregnant she said she just needed Monday’s and Tuesday to be able to babysit the boy she watches. I’m a nurse so that alone was difficult to ask my new job in a hospital to accommodate but they have. In addition to this there has now been many times where a day I’m scheduled to work a Friday or Saturday she asks me to get my backup sitter to take over after a certain time because the other boys parents want to go out to a party. Now I don’t mind getting the other sitter except i give her my schedule a month ahead, she says okay and then tells me literally just days before that she needs to babysit the other boy and I’m stuck scrambling trying to switch days or my husband has to leave one of his clients earlier.

Currently my other sitter is in another state with her sick mom and can’t watch the baby on a Friday I’m scheduled to work and my MIL said she “needs” to watch the other child and his sister. I don’t have someone else I trust and my husband has this job scheduled weeks ago. She is now not texting me back because I said I’m in a tough situation. We have told her hundreds of times we would match what she makes so that the schedule thing isn’t a problem and it’s hard for me to trust others so another sitter is not an option.